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Adhesive Film & Tape

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HICENDO has a wide range of product portfolio for various kind of client’s application and industry.
Through fast and correct product design, we have satisfied with over 100 of client since 2010.
Our HICENDO has good quality control system and price competitive
Now HICENDO has strong business relationship with Global smart phone and vehicle client.

Functional adhesive Film & Tape

Item Base
Thermal conductive tape Copper
Cushion material(Ultra thin) Foam
Cushion material PU Foam
Heat reactive tape Non carrier
Heat resistance tape Pet/Non carrier

General adhesive film & Tape

Item Application
Acrylic Adhesive film NFC, WPC, Digitizer, Rework
Acrylic foam tape FPCB, WPC,NFC, Battery
Silicone Adhesive film Anti-Static protect film
OCA Touch Panel / Glass